About the PM system

  • Okay, While I like the new system the forum is using, I do have an issue with the way the PM system’s 1000 character limit. I and several others use literate style RPs, in which individual posts can get REALLY long. On the other hand, some topics are best kept in private messages, so we can’t use the main areas of the site. the old PM system worked well for this, because it was basically just a private forum topic. that’s my only real gripe about the new system.

  • administrators

    We will see what we can do about that. @Atoro should be able to look into this.

  • I personally would like an option that would not make the U-turn arrow in the bottom-right act like an ‘enter’, as it really messes up my messages. I mean, I may be unaware of a setting, or it could be because im using the browser through my phone, but it is still an issue I wanted to address.

  • @Waspy hey, any news on this front? just curious.