Looking for Dom RP partners

  • Hi everyone

    I have three rp ideas that I’d like to do if anyone is willing

    1. Slave Prince

    You are a guard/servant/slave or knight that works for the king, you are paid a pittence and treated horribly by most of the royal family, except the youngest prince. An innocent and kind soul whom you grow to desire, but will he end up wrecked or treated like a lover, you decide

    1. The babysitter

    You are an alpha Teen (13-17) and your parents are going away for two weeks and hire a babysitter to look after you, however when you learn the babysitter is gay, you decide that you want to be the one in control and have this ‘babysitter’ at your mercy

    1. Younger brothers “lover”

    Your my younger brothers dominant “lover” but he’s gone away without telling you, leaving his older brother home alone. You come around not knowing he’s gone away, as you see the older brother picking something up you decide your going to have sex with or without your “lover”

    As you can see I like rps where the traditionally dominant or more power person is submissive

    I generally rp on Kik but open to other offers 🙂

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    My character Yuki