Looking for like minded literate roleplayers who love details and long term episodic roleplah

  • I am recently exploring fantasies of young boys and not into the hard kinks (yet!). I am an experienced roleplayer and like detailed creative building up fantasies and keen to explore this new frontier with understanding folks who would work with me on this and not rush. I love lots of incidents, building up, intense fantasies that are detailed, creative and like ageplay (obviously!).

    I love the thought of a young innocent boy and his older neighbour, for me its … natural extension of the existing relationship … love wanting to go where its forbidden … its intense … taboo … naughty … forbidden and that’s what makes it soo enticing … the love of a young virginal boy for an older man … the conflict of a normally conservative but internally so passionate and romantic man who is outwardly reserved. I love it … gradual, loving, intimate, not the regular pedo perverted stuff but the fantasy where an older conservative man falls in love (tries hard not to) with a young boy and how their relationship progresses - also orientation play … where my character could be surprised, shocked and ashamed of his thoughts at first but then … desire, passion and emotions overcomes the initial hesitation

    Love the shyness, awkwardness, hesitation, wanting yet holding back, desire but tinged with caution, sometimes letting go and at times holding back … with me being the adult, having the cross of taboo, not being to explore freely at times, cause feel guilty … but cannot stop … cannot hold passion and desire. Also love the awkwardness, hesitation, unsure … what does he think … will he reject me as a pervert … will he talk to anyone else … what am i doing? all these thoughts in my mind.

    I wonder if you would love to explore this fantasy in online play. Lots of focus on dressing up, oral, and general intimacy.

    I play long term on Google hangouts using gmail for text chat only.

    Keen to hear from like minded souls.

  • I’m interested