Competitive Boys Losing Bets

  • Hello, there! I’m looking for a roleplay partner who can write a minimum of three paragraphs per post to start up a roleplay centered around competition; boys who compete in sports, games, or any other such thing who are either allies or rivals in sport. They make wagers with each other and other lads for stakes of humiliation, dominance, and occasionally, sex.

    There are numerous settings in which this plot can be implemented, but it’s what I’m looking for at the moment! So, if this is what you’re looking for, or you think you might be interested, kindly let me know! You can find me on Discord at Grayplague#9492 or on Skype at joseph.page10

    Look forward to hearing from you!

  • Got my Discord name wrong in the first post xP

  • I would love an rp like this, but I’m not sure i can do that long of post every time. I can maybe guarantee at least 1 paragraph per post or more

  • Banned

    hey can I join

  • Still looking?