Looking for some RP partners

  • As the title implies, i’m looking for some RP partners. I’d like to have a more story/plot driven rp with the occasional smut then one completely based off smut and all. I can do fandoms as well as ones not revolving fandoms. Some of those could include:

    FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood
    Legend Of Zelda
    Dragon Age Inquisition
    Many more that i’m to lazy to list rn.

    However i’m not okay with:
    Shota (anyone from fifteen and younger is off the table, i’m not a pedo for christ sakes.)
    Extreme or mild vore. (very light vore i’m okay with, but that seriously depends on the pairing.)

    Pretty much, if you don’t like it/do it, then neither will I.
    So pm me or hit me up here if interested.

  • @hichigo

    I’d Love to do FMAB RP. Though I’d pefer to use an OC if thats fine lol

  • Banned

    @Hichigo can I join the RP

  • @pie-555 Thats perfectly fine with me actually. :3 I can do CanonXoc, CanonXcanon or OcxOC. so if you wish to pm me and talk about details a well as were you prefer to rp that’d be great.