Looking for some RP partners

  • As the title implies, i’m looking for some RP partners. I’d like to have a more story/plot driven rp with the occasional smut then one completely based off smut and all. I can do fandoms as well as ones not revolving fandoms. Some of those could include:

    FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood
    Legend Of Zelda
    Dragon Age Inquisition
    Many more that i’m to lazy to list rn.

    However i’m not okay with:
    Shota (anyone from fifteen and younger is off the table, i’m not a pedo for christ sakes.)
    Extreme or mild vore. (very light vore i’m okay with, but that seriously depends on the pairing.)

    Pretty much, if you don’t like it/do it, then neither will I.
    So pm me or hit me up here if interested.

  • @hichigo

    I’d Love to do FMAB RP. Though I’d pefer to use an OC if thats fine lol

  • Banned

    @Hichigo can I join the RP

  • @pie-555 Thats perfectly fine with me actually. :3 I can do CanonXoc, CanonXcanon or OcxOC. so if you wish to pm me and talk about details a well as were you prefer to rp that’d be great.

  • I drastically apologize for those I rp with on discord and in general. I’ve run into some issues with my internet provider and I don’t actually have internet at home. So i’ve been unable to contact anyone.

    I’ll hopefully have the issue settled rather soon and should be able to get replies and such up really soon!