Looking for a writing partner.

  • Yo the name is Xharc. I play only dominate characters and have a rather large character pool to play from so playing more than one character is pretty easy. I am looking for something that is a good mingling of sex and story. My story themes tend to follow along Action, Adventure, Romance. I can play into darker themes as well. As for my Seme characters they can range in just how protective they can be or even how sadistic.

    Anyway, you can message me on here to work something out. I typically RP through email or forums. However, I am up for trying out discord as well. Well, take it easy and happy hunting.

  • Banned

    hey can I be your writing partner

  • @gamerhotboy Sure. But what sort of things are you into? That way we can figure out a good plot.

  • I’d be interested as well! Alway love rping with a good seme.
    My discord is DiaperedShots#2324
    Ill respond far quicker on that than here.