Show your fantasy

  • Hi😋! I was thinking to a new topic for shear your fantasies and kinks that make you more horny ! So I hope you’ll find it funny 😘!

    I start.

    One of my fantasy is to be the personal boy of a rich ( also a bite mature) man . Maybe I meet him like my teacher or other way , then he start to invite me at his house and ask me to some sex servise (I always Immagine me in keens and him stand powerfull unlooking the belt of the elegant trousers ) then he start to regulary invite me at his house , maybe also give me sexy girl dress to wear while I’m there and also calling some friends to play together with me . He could also organise dinner with his frinds named " bring your boy night" , where every one brings his boy , then we get dressed like alfnaked housmaid and have to serve our owner for dinner and any sex desire the have . Of course he would give me some gift every time I show him how I love him 😘.

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    hey let’s RP

  • I’ve always been fond of cute emos especially in boxer briefs

  • An other thing that makes me really horny it’s Soccer team. I love soccer boy , I find them very hot , I love the soccer uniform , with long socks. I like the competition inside the team , and how boys rival eachother . I would like to be in a team and after training , play together unther the shower , doing sex game based rivalry , of course you has the smoller have to suck or get fucked ; also who don’t play good and makes the team lose get punished , probably with gang bang and also humilation .

  • I like the way you think, Viktor!~

  • big’ ol dongers

  • @sublovimel
    Thanks ☺😘

  • I’ve always had something of a club fantasy, like going to a nightclub and getting gangbanged there~ Bonus if I get to wear slutty party clothes, light up bands, beads, all those good things~

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    @sublovimel really like what

  • jesus christ alright
    since i’m a female with female genitalia and all that jazz, i’ve always fantasized i was born a man that has manly physique and tall asf with handsome chiseled face. where i can build muscles that are not too bulky but bulky enough to have manboobs and sexy muscles

    i’ve wanted to top with those body attributes and make my uke sexually satisfied
    i fantasize i’m a seme on yaoi mediums most of the time so yea

  • I fantasize a monogamous relationship with a partner who is a dominant yet gentle seme, and there is a masculinity contrast between us where he is a handsome hunk, and I am a beautiful twink.

    We engage in a domination and submission play with 24/7 power exchange, where my partner he will keep me as a pet and treat me like a boy rather than a man. I will surrender my independence and become an obedient submissive by my own volition, though there will be rare occasions where I will be (playfully) disobedient for some spankings.

    My partner, he would take on the masculine role where he is the sole breadwinner who works from home, so we are together 24/7 where he would sissify me into a femboy, and I would take on the feminine role where I am the homemaker.

    My partner, he would keep me in chastity, where he incage my penis in a fully enclosed cock cage with a scrotum shield. So my penis and testicles are my partner’s possession, and I can’t access them without his permission.

    Every night my partner, he would carry me into his bed where we would engage in bareback anal sex where he would massage my prostate until we fall asleep, then he would keep his penis warm inside me while spooning me tightly.

    And when he masturbates, he uses me as an anal/oral masturbator, and every time he releases me from chastity to let me masturbate, his hands would come on to my genitals.

  • @Kenneth woukd you want to turn this fantasy into an rp?

  • @kenneth I really like it 😍 ! We’re on the same wave , thanks for have share it ❤️( it horny me a lot 😋☺️)

  • The one my pervy little mind keeps going back to is I’m a teacher and being blackmailed by my students into becoming their personal sex toy. 😓

  • Being a Shota fan…my fav pervy little fantasy is one where I, a mature adult, end up being the caretaker of a small boy. usually in a situation where the boy has no other option but to stay with me.

    Anyway…I treat him well, take care of him, love him like my own, nothing lewd. But I don’t hide how much I find him sexy and one day…he decides to start “thanking me” for all I’ve done for him…sexually.

  • Loved the idea Rose. I had similar idea and also love May be the boy likes girly clothes and I find him with it. I just tell him not to steal from neighbours clothes line and I can buy for him if he wants. And that maybe slowly leads to more intimacy.

    Or he knows I like girls, so dresses up like a girl to make me feel attracted to him. Innocence and cuteness !

  • @j_barraza17 I’d love to roleplay, so long as you take the dominant role.😜

  • I fantasize that I get taken in by a young adult man and in return for shelter and food or something I basically, reluctantly at first, begin to give him blowjobs. Then he basically trains me to be a bitch boy for him. Takes away my clothing, forcing me to wear nothing but a collar and leash and become his pet.

  • im a switch so i like both sides of a dom/sub relationship

    I love the idea of being in a loving relationship, monogamous or poly, where I’m used for pleasure 24/7. I want to be a constant cock warmer, ready to be filled at any time. I want to have something in me while we casually watch a movie, not even acknowledging there’s a cock currently nestled in me, thrusting shallowly. I want to fall asleep after fucking, softening cock still buried to fuck me awake again in the morning. I want to be under a desk, mouth wrapped around my partner’s cock while he works. I like the idea of being avaliable to use at any moment, only wearing a tshirt and underwear so that when I’m doing something like washing dishes, I can be bent over the sink and have a fresh load in me in minutes. I would be a toy for masturbation, lifted from one cock onto another easily when friends are invited over.

    As a switch though, the idea of taking the opposite role is good too. I’d make my partner sit on his knees when he knew I’d be home from work soon. It’d be daily ritual to use his mouth as soon as I stepped through the door to relax me after my day. Anytime I’m simply relaxing, he’d be in my lap, warming my cock and taking my load whenever I felt like giving in and fucking his hole. I’d tie him to my bedposts, legs spread so that he’s mercy to any number of rounds I want.

    I also like somnophilia. It’s a gray area of consent, but I’d love to be used this way and I’d make sure my partner was just as receptive if I were to do it to him. I’d loveee to be vulnerable and sleeping and just simply be pulled onto a hard cock, waking up to be fucked brutally in my sleepy state. I think it may just go back to being used like a toy haha.

    ps if anyone wants to talk abt more of this or even rp u can pm me for my kik or discord 😉

  • @ty 😍 ! I love your fantasy ! I also have a similar one , but I immaged it more like an harem. I have fancied to spend some holiday weeks with many friends divided in master and slaves ( I’ll be a slave). It will be a normal holiday weeks with friends , so beach , swim in the ocean , have fun together , just that the masters have control 24/7 😋. They treat us as pets , controlling us , making us wear every they want , do what they want , taking us every times and every where they want. Will be also lots of game and competition , beateewn masters for see who is the best , so who have more controll , but more often beateewn us slaves , for see who is the loyalest pet , and of course who lost has to be trained more 😜😋