Show your fantasy

  • Hi😋! I was thinking to a new topic for shear your fantasies and kinks that make you more horny ! So I hope you’ll find it funny 😘!

    I start.

    One of my fantasy is to be the personal boy of a rich ( also a bite mature) man . Maybe I meet him like my teacher or other way , then he start to invite me at his house and ask me to some sex servise (I always Immagine me in keens and him stand powerfull unlooking the belt of the elegant trousers ) then he start to regulary invite me at his house , maybe also give me sexy girl dress to wear while I’m there and also calling some friends to play together with me . He could also organise dinner with his frinds named " bring your boy night" , where every one brings his boy , then we get dressed like alfnaked housmaid and have to serve our owner for dinner and any sex desire the have . Of course he would give me some gift every time I show him how I love him 😘.

  • Banned

    hey let’s RP

  • I’ve always been fond of cute emos especially in boxer briefs

  • An other thing that makes me really horny it’s Soccer team. I love soccer boy , I find them very hot , I love the soccer uniform , with long socks. I like the competition inside the team , and how boys rival eachother . I would like to be in a team and after training , play together unther the shower , doing sex game based rivalry , of course you has the smoller have to suck or get fucked ; also who don’t play good and makes the team lose get punished , probably with gang bang and also humilation .

  • I like the way you think, Viktor!~

  • big’ ol dongers

  • @sublovimel
    Thanks ☺😘

  • I’ve always had something of a club fantasy, like going to a nightclub and getting gangbanged there~ Bonus if I get to wear slutty party clothes, light up bands, beads, all those good things~