Private Rp between chriss888 and Me

  • A private Rp between chris888 and I. Containing incest,watersport, diaper, humiliation, dom/sub, and who knows what else!

  • “Sleep Well” I fasten my watch. It’s 0630.

  • I turn over in bed as you walk out of the room. I wait silently, counting until i had reached 2 minutes before I got up and tiptoed to my new closet. Most of the boxes where unpacked, since I had only moved in early that day. Still, I knew what box I was looking for a quickly found and pulled out the pull-ups. I slipped one on. I hadn’t yet told you i wet the bed nightly and I was trying to figure out how to make sure you, and everyone else, never found out. Once i was secured in the thick underwear, i opulled my pajama pants back on over it and slipped off to sleep, curled under the blankets and wondering where things had changed.

    I knew my parents were’t good to me, and they never seemed to work, but I had’t known they were criminals! now I was lving with an uncle I barely knew…

  • I knew you were awake. I knew sure as hell I would be, first night in a strange house, parents in jail… still…I smiled and closed the door. “This is going to really screw with my schedule” I thought, but then felt a pang of guilt - he’s family. I’ve bought him all I think he needs, and the staff will look after him… I’ll talk to him when I get home from work. Jeez. I hope he’s not a crazy assed little shit…

  • It takes me a while, but I finally fall asleep and sleep off a few hours of jet lag. i sat up sleepily and jumped at the guy standing in my room.
    “My apologies young master” hen said, giving a bow. I’m just here to collect your dirty laundry and to tell you Dinner is ready"
    i blink. “Oh…you must work for my uncle.” I said, connecting the dot. “Well thanks, I’ll be out soon!” i say, watching him until he leaves. I push the covers back and change, stuffing the used pullup to the bottom of a half empty box to deal with later.

  • “I’m late, have you eaten?” I call through the apartment as I get home.

  • I’m walking down the stairs as you call. “Just about too” I say quietly, poking my head around the corner. "But…i don’t know where the dining room is…"I admit, blushing

  • Susan, the maid, hands me a beer. She’s done for the day, and gives me that “good luck!” face as she leaves. “hey- give me a minute to change- didn’t Susan show you? it’s upstairs. Eat and do what you like, honestly” I notice you blushing and want to make you feel at home, but this is new to me. “I’ll be back in a minute”

  • I nod and head upstairs, searching room by room until i find the appropriate dining room, hot food on the tables. I settle down and begin to dish up
    (Do I fond any unusual rooms in your house while I’m looking?)

  • (yes)

    I come in, now in my grey t-shirt and jogging pants. I head straight for the fridge and grab a half-drunk bottle of wine. “so what did you do all day?” I sit in one of the expensive chairs around the pretentious wooden table

  • I shrugged. “Slept, mostly. i only woke up a little bit ago” i told you, digging into the chicken.
    (Anything in particular or can i make it up?)

  • (make it up)

    “You know, I know this must be weird for you. I mean, probably… I don’t know- your folks were pretty wild. But here just - I want you to feel like it’s your house too, you know?” I sound like a dork. “Hey, no point having a rich uncle if you can’t play golf off the roof, right?” Now I’m super-dork. “I’m not your mom or dad, but while you’re here I’ll take care of you, you know?”

  • I smile a little. “Sure thanks. Can I ask a question? What’s with that room down the hall, with all the camera’s and the table and dog cage?”

  • I breathe in deeply “you really want to know? Maybe next time I’ll show you”

  • I giggle around a mouthful of chicken. “That’s a weird answer” I mumble, still chewing.

  • I think to myself that you are family, but somehow I like it…“What’s so weird?” I giggle back, finishing my wine

  • I shrug. “I asked what it is and you say maybe you’ll show me, but show me what!” i insisted

  • “OK, curious boy! come with me” I stand up and lead you away by your hand

  • “Hey!” I complain, laughing as you pull me away from my half eaten plate.

  • “oh you can bring some food… you might need it” I say, pulling you, firmly, but not hard, out of the kitchen and down the stairs “Was it this room?” I ask, opening the utility duct…“or maybe… this room?”