Dragon Ball Xenoverse (In-Character Posts Only)

  • Polar’s patience was being tested. the Saiyan girl smiled at him when she came back; far too happy he thought, but still hw had to admit she had a cute smile…he shook his head to clear away those thoughts. He glared down at Pumki as she relaxed and watched the fight. He waited for her to realize that things were not going well.

    Piccilo stood stock frozen in his place for a while Raditz brutalized Goku. In his head, he debated whether he should try using his attack anyway or if the Saiyan would just dodge it. Goku howled in pain as his older brother smashed another rib.

    Just as the Namekian made up his mind to fire, was when Pumki realized her mistake. He fired and Raditz, predictably, dodged. “A bold move green man; but you’ve just signed your own death warrant.” Befofe he could attack however, his scouter beeped like crazy. 'W…what? Sixteen thousand?" He looked up just in time to catch the sight of the energy beam racing toward him, but not soon enough to dodge.

    The beam lanced through him and Goku below in an instant. “B…but how?” And he fell.

    Piccilo looked around bewildered. “That attack? It looked like mine!” He scanned the area to try and find it’s user.

    Up on the ridge, Polar rand his hand over his horns and tapped his foot. “Not the most graceful of missions…but she did get the job done.” With the timeline restored, the world faded to white.

    (No prob. Yeah, we’ll do a small time skip and bring in Orenji)

    Orange Star High School
    Two Weeks Later

    alt text

    Pumki sat in her seat trying her best to focus on Miss Hamilton’s lecture on Namekian Ancient History, but that was a battle she was destined to lose.

    She was a saiyan… or half-saiyan according to Doctor Curry… and had never been to Namek. Probably never would. Plus, all this sitting and listening wasn’t her style anyway. She wanted to be out there… somewhere… somewhen… doing something that was actually productive and likely involved punching someone who deserved it.

    She was more than a little grateful when the bell chimed the close to the class day and she shouldered her backpack.

    alt text

    “Don’t forget your essays are due tomorrow!” Pumki winced at the sound of Miss Hamilton reminding the the students as they exited. She was done with hers. Mostly. Kind of. But she could worry about that later. For the moment she was just interested in getting out of the school and into the city. And hoping to get a summons from the Kais or Polar before too long, because this school stuff was going to be the death of her!

  • “Alright, now that class is over, I can go train! Or maybe even go on a mission. Who knows.” A tall Male Saiyan said as he made his way towards the front of the classroom. 0_1543371065451_C0AF1FA7-03FB-4C77-A9A4-9A40DE38418A.jpeg

    His name was Orenji, he was one of the few remaining Elite Sayians who managed to escape Friezas onslaught on Planet Vegeta. Since arriving at Conton City, the Time Patrol as made him one of their elite patrollers. He has been shocking everyone in the city since he got there. No matter what the circumstances were, Orenji was always ready for a fight. Once he left the Orange Star High School, he took a step and lifted off into the air flying to his apartment to change into his fighting gear (Which really complimented his Elite status). Once he got dressed he flew in the direction of the Wastelands (which was his training spot.) “Alright. Time to perfect Ki Control.” He said to himself.

  • Fate, being a humorous type; seemed to be latching on to Pumki’s silent wish to be fighting on ancient Namek instead of just hearing about it.

    Polar slammed into a rock face, his back leaving and imprint in the stone. He hung there, grimacing in pain, unable to move. He was presently imbedded in a hill on small island amid the green water of Namek in the long ago past.

    “Come on! That can’t be your best.” A tall, bulky namekian shouted at him from his place on the mainland a dozen or so feet across the water. “You’d better not die on me kid.”


    The Namekian, Lord Slug, stretched out his hand, extending his arm all the way over the water. Grabbing Polar by his horn, he yanked the clansman free from the rock and pulled him over. Yanked violently through the air, Polar was to disoriented to resist. A green fist slammed into his gut, drawing a cough of blood and spit from the noble.

    Polar fell back from the blow and coughed. Grabbing his middle and double over from the force.

    “Kid. You disappoint me.” The green man said without a hint of humor. His eyes shown brightly for an instant and he fired his eye beams.

    Kicking off of the ground, Polar managed to avoid the blast. Obscured by a smoke cloud he readied his counter attack. Spreading his hands, he formed two large Ki balls on either side of him. “Darkness…twin star!” the balls began to circle around him and he rushed toward the he massive namekian.


    “Too easy!” Slug called from the other side of the smoke. “You can’t just use my moves without thinking about them!” He knew how to avoid his own attacks after all. He jumped backwards and shot a beam from the palm of his at the advancing Freon.

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    Pumki was only a few short steps outside the school when one of her fellow saiyans took flight over her head and towards the apartments. Am I the only one who still hasn’t earned her flight license?? she sighed to herself while plucking a capsule from her belt. It was ridiculous… she had the power of flight, and most the people circling overhead where over-powered, violent maniacs, so why was it okay for them to fly but not her?? Stupid rules… She tossed the capsule to the ground and summoned her monocycle in a puff of white smoke.

    This is getting embarrassing… she groaned as the electric motor loudly hummed her departure.

    At least it was the weekend, and without any assignments (and Polar out doing super cool Time Patroller things that probably included punching super cool bad guys in the face), Pumki was left with an empty weekend. Maybe a trip was called for… a little sight-seeing to the northern expanse of Conton that she hadn’t visited before due to the aforementioned stupid no flying rules.

    She packed a bag (and, well, an entire house courtesy of Capsule Corp), strapped a pair of driving goggles to her face and rode out past the north gates towards the Wasteland (ooc: where, I assume, Orenji still is… feel free to interact as I drive through on my little electric monocycle).

  • Orenji was in the middle of the Wastelands, Meditating. Before sparring with anyone, he takes time to meditate so his focus is SPOT ON during battle. After period of about an hour of meditation, Orenji stopped floating and stood up and took a deep breath. Once he took the deep breath he got in his battle stance and the sound of a rock hitting the floor was his “starting bell” he used the small boulders as targets as he fired Ki Blasts at them. “Ha! Yiiiaaa!” He grunted as he maneuvered though the Wastelands and began Shadow Boxing. Many maneuvers later, the Saiyan finished his first drill of his training session. “This training is getting my blood flowing! I think I’m ready for a good spar. I’ll just sit on one of these boulder and wait for someone interesting to come.” He said as he did just that.

  • In another time and place………

    Polar raced toward the beam of energy, the two ki orbs circling him as he flew. In an instant, they would collide. In his mind, he flashed back to his training with Cooler. Calling upon his ki reserves, he formed a barrier around himself and dove straight into the beam. “Shadow Crusher…” he whispered. Eclipsed by the beam, Slug had no warning when Polar came rocketing out the other side.


    “What!?” Is all he manage to shout before Polar clobbered him with a right hook. A kick swiftly followed, sending the namekian titian into the air. Polar brought his fists together and sent his two escort energy balls spiraling up after him. The two balls converged and the air erupted in a flash of violent energy.

    A moment later, Lord Polar was back in conton city, just up the road from the waterfall at the base of the wasteland. A large green hand found his shoulder.

    'Well done kid. You mastered my moves like a duck masters swimming." Lord Slug said, making his best attempt at an Earth idiom.

    “Naturally.” Polar had been training with Slug and some of the other so called Villains in secret to increase his power. “Now, I have other matters to attend to.”

    “Yeah, yeah.” Slug said, retreating back to his hiding spot.

    Polar walked toward the city, not flying lest he be spotted. As far as anyone knew, he was just on a leisurely stroll. He clenched his fist, feeling the rising Ki. “I can feel it…I can feel myself about to break that wall.” So far, he hadn’t tapped into the potential of his race yet, that golden power of Freiza’s. But he would soon.

    His scouter was beeping at him, he had a message. “Hmm…who would have…” Checking it, he saw who is was from. “Ah…the Supreme Kai of Time. Let’s see…” He listened to the message.

  • alt text

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the electric engine of Punki’s monocycle hummed as she drove into the desert wasteland of Conton City. A large plume of dirt trailed its single wheel as she turned towards a mesa in the distance. Getting up it without the advantage of flight may be a tad tricky, but she was certain she could climb it if it came to that. It’d be well worth it, she reasoned, to perch her camp for the night atop it and get a great view of the city proper’s night skyline in the distance.

    But shortly after entering the heart of the desert, she spotted flashes on the horizon. Ki blasts? They certainly were – she could sense their energy even from this distance! Fights were common in Conton, more often just sparring than anything malicious, but better check it out to be sure.

    Pumki twisted back the throttle of her cycle as far as it would go, rocketing off past a low rise and into a clearing where she found not two people dueling, but just a single guy alone in the wastes.

    She slowed her approach, glancing around at the tell-tale pock marks of ki blasts, then pulled to a stop in front him.

    “Heya!” the tiny, orange-haired girl chirped and pried the large driving goggles from her face. “What’s going on out here – everything oka~~?” Recognition hit her mid-sentence. “Hey! You go to Orange Star, right?”

  • Orenji walked up to the saiyan. “Yeah. I was in your class earlier today. The names Orenji, I’m one the top time patrollers in Conton City. Did you come for a spar? If so, you better be ready. And maybe based on your performance, I MIGHT take you under my wings. So what do you say? Two saiyans in the Wastelands would be a great sparring session. (And would be a big step to finally master ki control)” The Saiyan thought to himself as he took off his Scouter and set it down preparing for what could be an amazing sparri g session. He stood in his battle stance as he awaits the response from the female Saiyan. “Imagine, with my training, you’ll reach the top sooner than you think.” He added on as the winds of the wasteland start to blow. “Once you reach your full potiential, Whis can help you achieve Super. Saiyan. Blue. How does that sound?”

  • Polar came charging up the steps to the Time Nest. He hadn’t bothered to take the time to change out of his battle gear, and oversight the Supreme Kia was sure to notice, but he’d didn’t care at present. This was far too important to waste time on fineries.

    Some Moments Ago:

    “Polar! Polar? Do you read me?” The Kai of Time called into the receiver. 'We can’t locate you. There must be some distortion in the time rift your in. Listen! When you get this you need to come to the Time Nest straight away. Freon and Trunks have gone missing."

    It had taken the noble clansman some time to understand it; but over time he had accepted it as fact. Freon was his son. Technically, he had no child, not yet anyway. But Freon had been summoned by the dragon, much like Pumpki was, and had no need to follow recognizable causality. At some point in his own future, Polar would bear a son. Freon had no doubt recognized his father at their first meeting, but Polar could only guess at how much older he would grow before he became the father that Freon knew.

    Polar felt a strange tightening in his chest, and a burning desire. If anything ad happened to his son…he would make the perpetrator wish he’d never been conceived. Polar rushed into the time nest, where the two Kai were already waiting. The pair turned to him in surprise, mostly at his suddenness.

    “Supreme Kai! I’m here!”

  • Pumki pulled her head back in contemplation as Orenji boasted, challenged and enticed the saiyan girl.

    “Oh, umm… hi,” she smiled in thought while still straddling her monocycle. “I’m Pumki. Umm, no – I didn’t drive out here looking to spar; just wanted to check out the sights. Figured there might be a fun place to camp for the night.” She glanced around at the rising mesas surrounding them, then back to Orenji. "And I’m afraid I already have a trainer and mentor. You probably know him… he’s another of the big-shots around the Time Patrollers by name of Polar. Lord Polar.

    “As for sparring anyway…” she shrugged a little. “I suppose a little exercise couldn’t hurt.”

  • “Oh yeah, I remember Polar. We used to go on missions before he was assigned to train you.” Orenji nodded as he felt his blood boliling as he saw Pumki getting ready to spar. “Don’t hold anything back, I wanna see how much potential you have. Show me your saiyan strength!” He shouted as he waited for the right time to charge at the young female Saiyan. This was just the opportunity he was looking for, this sparring session (if it goes the length he wants it to) is the key for him to master perfect Ki control. Ever since he became one of the elite time patrollers, his goal has been to achieve the strongest Saiyan form. Super Saiyan Blue. Once he gets Vegeta and Whis see his potential, he’ll finally reach the pinnacle of his saiyan power.

  • Shit! thought Pumki as Orenji suddenly charged her. So much for pleasantries and warm ups! The tiny saiyan girl vaulted back off the seat of her monocycle, arcing in a crescent through the desert air before landing cat-like on her feet. Her hands smoothed down her skirt out of habit before curling into fists before her eyes.

    “Wait!” She said, realizing her glasses were still on, then plucks them from her face and rests them atop her cycle.

    “Okay… game on.” A halo of ki energy erupted around Pumki before launching herself at Orenji. Her fists and feet alternated in a flurry of combinations… cunning, precise, with needle-point accuracy. The technique of a warrior who had spent a lifetime, or more, training… but the speed and power of a relative neophyte.

    ((OOC: I place Pumki’s power level similar to Goku’s at the start of the Ginyu Saga.))

  • Orenji could read through the Female Saiyan’s flurry, blocking and catching every blow she throws. He then grabbed her wrist and then launched her back with a Ki blast to the chest. He then launched himself towards her releasing a flurry of punches connecting with every blow. Once he connected the final blow, knocking her back, the male saiyan reached both hands behind his back creating a blue sphere of Ki. He then launched it as he yelled out the word “Roar!” Once he saw that he main blast connected, he followed it up it a volley of ki blasts.

  • Pumki felt like little more than a child’s rag-doll being tossed aside. Ki blasts concussed against her chest and a flurry of blows snapped her head back and forth with impacts that made it difficult to focus, even for a saiyan. She grit her teeth in frustration and went fully defensive, forearms barring across her face and suffering the brunt of Orenji’s ki volley.


    Wait… did he just roar “Roar” at me? Maybe it was a technique she hadn’t learned yet… not like she didn’t have a penchant for screaming out the flashy names of her powers too.

    After the third impact, Pumki draw ki around her to form an orange-tinted variation of Gohan’s Energy Barrier technique to ward of the rest of Orenji’s volley.

    alt text

    She knew it wouldn’t last long, but would at least give her a second to catch a second wind.

  • Orenji saw that the rest of his Ki blast weren’t hitting her and decided to teleport behind the small female Saiyan. Once he appears behind her, he delivered a kick to her back that sent her flying upwards. He then follows the blow up with a heavy smash that sent her to the ground. Once he saw the cloud of dust, he slowly descended back to the ground. “Is that really all you got?” He shouted. “Where is your fire? Your power? Have you even learned super Saiyan yet!? A real Saiyan shouldn’t be backed into a corner this far into a fight! Stand up and show me your REAL power! If you won’t show it to me! I’ll have to fight it out of you!” He said as he slowly started walking over to her. “You have ten seconds to come at me.” He said as he began to count down. “Ten…Nine…Eight…Seven…Six…Five…Four…Three…Tw-“ Suddenly, Orenji stopped in his tracks, he felt a massive surge of Ki and a bright yellow-ish glow was beaming from where Pumki was. A smirk grew on his face. “Excellent…”

  • Meanwhile…in the Time Nest.

    “So that’s the situation…” Supreme Kai of Time finished. “Freon and Trunks haven’t responded in hours, and we can’t find them.”

    “This is a most troubling occurrence.” Elder Kai added, holding his hand to his chin. “Those two aren’t prone to go off radar like that. This can only mean that something has happened to them.” The old man said, shaking his fist while stating the obvious.

    Polar shook his head, not wanting to waste time listening the two Kai’s ramble. “Where was the last place you know they were?” He said, making a sweeping motion with his hand.

    “Don’t interrupt!” The old man said, stomping his feet. Evidently he had been still talking 'The nerve of youngsters these days…"

    “No, he’s right old man. We need to get on this right away” The other Ki interjected. “They were investigating a disturbance sometime around era 774!”

    “Yes!” The old Kai resumed. “That’s around the time that Babidi came to Earth and revived Majin Buu…” he shook his head mournfully “Buu was once a destructive force on a scale the rivaled the God of Destruction. He even killed the former Supreme Kai.”

    “Buu…” Polar growled darkly. The Buu he knew in this era was a shadow of his former self, and yet still powerful. “I don’t know if I can beat Buu.”

    “Lucky for you, that isn’t your mission.” The female Kai said, raising her hand. “Your mission is to find our lost time patrollers, and stop whoever was causing the disturbance in the first place.”

    “So, you think the two are connected?” Elder Kai asked, once again stating the obvious.

    “Of course they are!” Polar shouted, his rage and frustration getting the better of him.

    “Temper, temper…kids these days” The ancient Kai grumbled.

    “Polar, you’re one of our best, but even you will need backup on this one. Go recruit Pumki and anther patroller you can count on for this.” The pink Kai finished. “And then report back to the Time Nest.”

    “Yes Supreme Kai of Time!” He shouted and nodded his head. With that he raced off. Outside the time nest, the took to the sky and pushed the button on his scouter. “Okay…where are you Pumki……there!” He turned toward the wasteland.

  • Blow after blow sent Pumki volleying back and forth as Orenji unloaded on her.

    The damage was more distraction than anything else – pain and an inability to find focus more than anything she suspected would be permanent. Still, she can’t spar if she can’t even stand still for two seconds without being punched, kicked, kneed or elbowed.

    He was screaming at her; chastising. Saiyan heritage or not, it appeared her human half wasn’t passing muster from her opponent’s point of view.

    It was after suffering a hammer-blow to the face that she saw stars… a blur… a golden glow that grew hotter until her vision cleared and was revealed to be not gold, but an orange aura enveloping a source of great ki – Lord Polar.

    “Uh… hey, boss…” Pumki winced out between ragged breaths, her hands cupped over her abdomen. “What brings you… out here? Want a piece of this too?” she laughed through the pain.