BESM: A New Space Fantasy

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    This game is set in the Prime World of Cathedral. A space faring universe dominated by two central human powers…Or so they would think. The Galactic Trade Authority (GTA) and the Fusion are the largest alliances in the Developed and Overdeveloped rankings. In actuality there are tiers of societies that exist in this universe, both below and above the GTA and the Fusion.

    Underdeveloped Civilisations:
    Primitive planets that are protected by the higher tiered Civilisations. They produce no waste, but add nothing to the dynamics of the ever changing universe. These worlds are typically unexplored and allowed to develop their own cultures and way into space, without the interference of higher societies.

    Developed Civilisations:
    Populated planets, interconnected with one another either politically through war or alliance. They produce proportionate waste to the benefit they add to the dynamics of the universe. These worlds are colonised, often sharing more or less the same cultures as one another. They are unprotected and fully at the mercy of stronger societies in the Developed and Overdeveloped castes.

    Overdeveloped Civilisations:
    Industrialised planets that burden themselves as much as they do the universe as a whole. Overdeveloped Civilisations never spread out evenly and may have depleted one or more natural resource of their home world, causing them to seek more elsewhere. These planets produce waste beyond what they provide in resulting benefit. They are on the brink of collapse or cataclysm of some kind.

    Hyperdeveloped Civilisations:
    Ideal planets that have reached a universal harmony with themselves and largely have disconnected from the material world entirely. Their waste production is either nothing or insignificant in the cosmic scale. So great is their contribution to the universe and possibly the multiverse beyond, that these are the true players and represenatives of Cathedral.

    Playing as a Human:
    Humans are spread across multiple worlds and dominate the GTA and Fusion in both influence and number. Humans are all taught about their origin homeworld “Terrace 4”, a watery planet in the centre of the Intersteller Disporia between both the GTA and Fusion. Whilst you may or may never have been to “Terrace 4” you automatically gain:
    2 Cultural Arts (Free) [Terrace 4 History]
    1 Languages (Free) [Mid Galactic Standard]

    Playing as an Alien:
    Aliens are reclusive and usually keep to their own socities, whether it be under or outside human control. Aliens have a number of special powers and unique traits that are only bound to the imagination. Humans can be cruel and bigoted at times depending on how different from Humans you are. Due to this you automatically gain:
    2 Foreign Culture (Free) [Alien Culture of your Homeworld]
    -2/-4/-6 Ism [Race/Speciesism]

    Whether you are Alien or Human you might have a pre-existing political affiliation with one group. GTA, Fusion or an Independence.

    Affiliation with the Galactic Trade Authority (GTA):
    Both Humans and Aliens have civil rights in this Union of Worlds, but it can be lost in bureaucracy. There is no set official language or unified culture as it’s a melting pot of sorts. However the most common language is Mid Galactic Standard. You are aware of your civil rights and know how to voice your opinion to authority figures, so you automatically gain:
    1 Law (Free) [Civil GTA Law]
    1 Languages (Free) [Mid Galactic Standard]

    Affliation with the Fusion:
    The Fusion is on it’s way to becoming a fully homogeneous and Human dominated at it’s core. Aliens have limited rights and Humans have special rights depending on their class. Ironically with a goal of perfect unity they have achieved the most segregated systems. The three castes of Low, Mid, and High all speak together through the Mid language as a link, but generally keep to their own classes and associated language. You are aware of what rights you may or may not have and can speak with either the upper or lower classes. As such you automatically gain:
    1 Law (Free) [Civil Fusion Law]
    2 Languages (Free) [Mid Galactic Standard, Low Galactic Common or High Galactic Advanced]

    Affiliation with an Independence:
    Being affiliated with an Independence whether Human or not means you may be largely ignored or courted politically at the right or wrong time. It is up to you to define the benefits and the ties, you gain from working with less notable entities. You gain no inherent Skills or Defects however you are granted up to 10 Bonus Character/Advancement Points for creativity if the Independence is interesting enough to outright feature.

    Biological and/or Cronological Age:
    Singular Homeworld or Union of Worlds:
    Race and or Species:
    Appearance: (Described or pictured)

    Character Sheet:

    Attack Combat Value (ACV):
    Defence Combat Value (DCV):
    Damage Multiplier (DM):
    Health Points (HP):
    Energy Points (EP):
    Shock Value (SV):

    Stats (Total Cost of all Stats):
    Value. Stat. (Cost).

    Attributes (Total Cost of all Attributes):
    Level. Name of Attribute. (Cost).[Description, Details, Variables and Restrictions].

    Skills (Total Cost of all Skills):
    Level. Name of Skill. (Cost). [Specialisations].

    Defects (-Total Points returned through Defects):
    -Points Returned. Name of Defect. [Description and/or Details].

  • Name: Cassieiopeia “Cassie” Crown
    Biological and/or Cronological Age: 28 (equivalent to a human teen)
    Singular Homeworld or Union of Worlds: Amazoa Prime
    Race and or Species: Lesser Amazoan
    Gender: Male
    Bio: Cassie is a Lesser Amazoan born into the service of the ruling matriarchy. she has been trained in many academic pursuits, especially xenoarchaeology (including history, languages, lost cultures, etc), and is also a talented psychic. she has been assigned by the Amazoan Matriachy to serve the GTA in whatever capacity is needed. This is her first time away from home and surrounded by non-Amazoans.


    • Like most animal species, Amazoans have two distinct genders with sexual organs matching those of human males and females, however their culture refers to them as “Amazoan” (the females) and “Lesser Amazoan” (the males).
    • Female Amazoans tend to be tall, standing well over six feet, broad and heavily muscled with short, practical hair. Lesser Amazoans (males) tend to stand a foot and a half to two feet shorter than their counterparts with extremely little muscle mass or body fat. Female Amazoans often use their lessers as status symbols with an emphasis on what humans would consider feminine beauty – long hair, smooth bodies, painted faces and frilly clothing. Lesser Amazoans have been granted the slang term “Traps” by human members of the GTA.
    • Amazoan culture is a strict matriarchy with the larger, more physically dominant females ruling over the smaller, weaker males. Female Amazoans have traditional family names while a Lesser Amazoan’s surname denotes which body or class they serve. In the case of Cassie, her surname “Crown” signals that she is a servant of the Amazoan monarchy.
    • All Amazoans use feminine pronouns regardless of gender. However, the females use capitals in the written language (Her/She) and a strong inflection in their pronunciation, whereas the Lesser Amazoans (males) use lower-case pronouns spoken with a more flat tone.

    Appearance: Typical of Lesser Amazoans, Cassie is short standing barely five feet with a slender, hairless body below the eyebrows. her figure is slender in a manner typically found in young human males, save for a plump, round Amazoan posterior. her hair is a mop of tight silvery curls that often cascade over her youthful face and sapphire eyes. she would be considered quite pretty and feminine by human standards, but is, in fact, a male Amazoan.

    Character Sheet:

    Attack Combat Value (ACV): 6
    Defence Combat Value (DCV): 6
    Damage Multiplier (DM): 5
    Health Points (HP): 55
    Energy Points (EP): 75
    Shock Value (SV): 11

    Stats (180 points total):
    3 Body (30)
    7 Mind (70)
    8 Soul (80)

    Attributes (69 Total Points):
    1 Block Power (11) [Source: Psionics; Deplete -1]
    3 Energy Bonus (6)
    2 Environmental Influence (4) [Cold/Heat]
    1 Flight (2) [Activation -1, Concentration -2, Deplete -3]
    1 Healing (1) [Concentration -2, Deplete -1]
    1 Sixth Sense (1) [Emotions; Deplete -3]
    1 Telekinesis (4) [Activation -1, Deplete -3]
    1 Telepathy (1) [Any Mind; Concentration -2, Deplete -1, Unpredictable -2]
    3 Features (3) [Appearance 3, Cuteness]
    4 Mind Shield (8) [Source: Psionics]
    3 Ranged Attack (9) [Psychic Blast]
    2 Ranged Defense (6) [Personal Defense]
    3 Force Field (9)
    1 Organisational Ties (2) [Amazoan Matriarchy]
    1 Organisational Ties (2) [GTA]

    Skills (106 Total Points):
    3 Acrobatics (10) [Balance, Flexibility, Tumbling]
    5 Architecture (5) [Alien Ruins, Aquatic, Temples]
    3 Area Knowledge (6) [x5; TBD – depends on game setting/location/needs]
    5 Biological Sciences (5) [Zoology]
    5 Computers (10) [Databases]
    5 Cultural Arts (5) [Archaeology, History, Rare Object Appraisal]
    5 Etiquette (5) [Upper Class]
    5 Foreign Culture (6) [Amazoan; x3 TBD – depends on game setting/location/needs]
    1 Languages (6) [Ancient Amazoan, English/Common, High Galactic, Mid-Galactic Standard, TBDx6]
    3 Law (Free) [Civil GTA Law]
    3 Navigation (6) [Wilderness]
    5 Performing Arts (6) [Dance, Flute, Singing]
    5 Physical Sciences (6) [Biochemistry, Engineering, Geology]
    3 Riding (3) [Horse]
    5 Social Sciences (6) [Politics, TBDx2 – alien theologies]
    5 Stealth (15) [Silent Movement]
    5 Writing (6) [Academic, Journalistic, Poetic]

    Defects (-12 Total Points returned through Defects):
    -1 Recurring Nightmares [Psychic Aftershocks and Premonitions]
    -2 Easily Distracted [Food, Academics, Music, Sex]
    -3 Guy Magnet
    -4 Ownership [Servant of the Amazoan Matriarchy]
    -2 Ism [Speciesism]

    ((OOC: I still have a few points to spend, but have no clue where best to put them.))

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    Name: Xix Rosenthrall [Pronounced: Zicks]
    Biological and/or Cronological Age: 14 [Young adult]
    Singular Homeworld or Union of Worlds: Lacerta and it’s remaining colonies
    Race and or Species: Latcertian [Lah-cer-tchein]
    Gender: Blood Male
    Bio: Xix was hatched shortly before the conclusion of his species’ conflict with Fusion. After being confirmed a Blood Male at age 3; he was turned over to Fusion as a military asset as part of the peace accord. He has received advanced training, far beyond that he would have received at home, and advanced beyond the level of a simple grunt solder. Though he resents bending the knee to Humans, he obeys Fusion’s orders to advance himself.

    Notes about Latcertians

    • Latcertians have 4 genders, though their external sex organs are similar enough to human equivalences . Salt Males [Male; Can breed]Blood Males [Male; cannot breed]; Brood Males [Hermaphrodites; can both breed and lay], and Nest Females [Female; Egg layers].

    • Latcertians are scaled and reptile like though they are warm blooded. They have no body or head hair and vary in body type from lithe to muscular. All genders fall between four and six feet in height with no standard correlation based on gender. They lack ears, hearing instead through auditory nodes on the sides of their heads. Their scales vary in shade and color with most members having several colors represented on their bodies. Older members tending to have duller colored scales and it is not uncommon for them to paint their scales in an effort to look more youthful. Some possess horns or ridges though not all do.

    • Latcertian culture is largely patriarchal with the Salt Males at the head and the Nest Females at the bottom. Blood and Brood Males fall in between with Blood males comprising most of the military and security forces. The once rigid system has been shaken recently following conflict with Fusion with the youngest generation being more likely to defy cultural norms though Females are still largely confined to roles as trophy wives and bearing offspring.

    • Made contact with human space via armed conflict. Was defeated by Fusion forces and placed under their rule. Rejected and feared by humans at large due to this bloody first encounter, their reputation of being merciless and killing civilians and their greatest crime: The Coblin.

    • The Coblin are a race of pale skinned, small, lithe, human-like aliens. They possessed an early-industrial level civilization on what is now a Latcertian Colony world. Over man generations, their intelligence has been systematically breed out of them and now occupy a spot in Latcertian society equivalent to Dogs among Humans. Used as pets, servants, and toys by the Latcertian. It is widely believed that this would have been the fate of Humans had the Latcertians proved victorious over Fusion.

    Appearance: 5’7 feet in height. He has bright red scales over most of his body with some cerulean ones at his chest and thighs. His form is slender and has a tail roughly 2 feet in length. His eyes are a bright blue with a vertical slit for an pupil. Though distinctly alien, he has a vaguely feminine appearance.

    Character Sheet:

    Attack Combat Value (ACV): 6
    Defense Combat Value (DCV): 6
    Damage Multiplier (DM): x5
    Health Points (HP): 95
    Energy Points (EP): 60
    Shock Value (SV): 19

    Stats (200 Points total):
    8 Body (80)
    5 Mind (50)
    7 Soul (70)

    Attributes (Total: 169):
    5 Armor (20) [10 Armor points]
    2 Computer Scanning (8) [1m radius]
    3 Enhanced Stat (30) [+3 Body]
    2 Features (2) [Tail, low-ligh vision]
    3 Heightened Senses (3) [Smell, Taste, Vision]
    3 Massive Damage (12) [+3 Damage with Mecha weapons]
    3 Melee Attack (9) [+3 Attack with Claws]
    3 Melee Defense (9) [+3 Defense against Melee]
    2 Organisational Ties (4) [Respected by Fusion]
    3 Ranged Defense (9) [+3 Defense against ranged]
    3 Regeneration (30) [Restore 15HP per round]
    5 Special Defense (10) [+6 Stats rolls vs disease; +6 Stats rolls vs Poison; Ignore Hunger; Ignore Thirst; Sleep once every 3-7 days]
    4 Tough (8) [+20HP]
    5 Weapon (5) [+5 damage, Beam Rifle, ranged] -5 Item [Can be lost/disabled] [10m Range]
    5 Weapon (10) [+5 damage, Claws, melee]

    Skills (73):
    3 Climbing (6) [Natural Surfaces]
    6 Computers (12) [Networks]
    5 Electronics (10) [Communications]
    3 Etiquette (3) [Upper Class]
    2 Foreign Culture (Free) [Latcertian Culture]
    2 Gaming (2)[ Military Simulations]
    1 Law (Free) [Civil Fusion Law]
    2 Languages (Free) [Native, Mid Galactic Standard, High Galactic Standard]
    6 Intimidation (12) [Business]
    2 Mechanics (4) [Mecha]
    4 Navigation (8) [Space]
    8 Piloting (16) [Mecha]

    Defects (-13 Total Points returned through Defects):
    -2 Owned [-Partially enslaved by Fusion ]
    -2 Recurring Nightmares [Frequent Nightmares, moderate effect on my activities]
    -6 Ism [Heavy Racism directed toward me]
    -3 Marked [Part of Racism; everyone recognizes me for my species’ misdeeds]

    My Mecha: [The Basilisk]

    Damage Multiplier (DM): x8 or x11 with Melee
    Health Points (HP): 71

    Attributes (Ttoal:199):
    23 Armor (46) [46 Armor, 46 HP]
    2 Features (2) [Radio, Spatial Positioning System]
    3 Flight (21) [100KPH] Defect: Spread [Big wingspan, needs room to fly]
    5 Force Field* (10) [+20 Armor] Defect: Vs ranged attacks only
    -1/2 total Item [Can be lost/separated from me]
    2 Heightened Senses (4) [Sight, Hearing]
    4 Land Speed (8) [60KPH]
    2 Power Variation (20) [Freely redistribute points between 3 Attributes marked with*]
    4 Space Flight* (8) [100KPH]
    7 Special Defense (14) [Does not need air; Survive in Vacuum; Cannot Freeze; 1Ep max damage per day from Overheating]
    2 Super Sense (4) [100m inferred]
    3 Super Strength (24) [+4 Tons lift/carry; +3 Damage with melee]
    5 Tough (10) [+25HP]
    5 Weapon (13) [+5 damage. Beam Sword; Piercing; melee]
    5 Weapon* (15) [+5 damage. Beam Rifle; Autofire] [10 KM Range]

    Defects (-15Total Points returned through Defects):
    -12 Awkward Size [9-12 meters tall]
    -2 Special [Needs maintenance/fuel]
    -1 Conditional Ownership [Owned by Fusion]

  • Name: Alixx “Alex” Softpad
    Biological and/or Cronological Age: 12
    Singular Homeworld or Union of Worlds: Traeo, A Developed world that specializes in space technology
    Race and or Species: FoxKin
    Gender: Male
    Bio: Alixx was raised by his small clan, honing his inborn talents by playing in the forest near his home. His family business was Spacecraft repair, The Foxkin’s natural agility making clambering around the giant machines a breeze. One day, his home was invaded by space pirates and his whole family killed or enslaved. Alixx was brought to the slave market (black or legal, Dm’s Call) where he was given minor slave training and put up for sale, his natural regeneration letting him quickly recover from any and all injuries as his main selling point.

    Notes about Foxkin

    • Foxkin look largely like small humans, and can blend into some human populations by covering their tail and ears. However, their small stature and animal like reaction can give them away if not careful.
    • Foxkin are small than the average human, maximum adult height being about 4’ 6" tall. Example, Alixx is just under 3 feet.

    Character Sheet:

    Attack Combat Value (ACV): 6
    Defence Combat Value (DCV):6
    Damage Multiplier (DM): 6
    Health Points (HP): 70
    Energy Points (EP): 45
    Shock Value (SV): 14

    Stats ( 180 points total):
    8 Body
    4 Mind
    6 Soul
    Attributes (103 Total Points):
    3 Combat Techniques (lightning reflexes, Leap Attack, Two Weapons(claws))
    3 Ranged Attack (Fireball)
    3 Ranged Defense ( +3 vs Ranged)
    3 Melee Attack (+3 Attack with Claws)
    2 Melee Defense (+2 Defense vs Melee)Extra Arms (Prehensile tail)
    2 Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight)
    2 Features (Low-light vision, Retractable Claws)
    2 Regeneration
    2 Special Movement (Fast(on all fours),Light-Footed)
    4 Weapon(claws)
    6 Weapon (Blue Fireball -defect, only fireable from Tail tip)
    2 Heightened Awareness
    2 Speacial Defense (Overheat)
    2 Jumping

    Skills ( 38 Total Points):
    3 Climbing (Vegetation, Natural Surfaces,Poles)
    1 Sports (Soccer)
    2 Stealth (Silent Movement)
    2 Wilderness Survival (Forest, Plains)
    1 Mechanics (Spacecraft)
    1 Piloting (Spacecraft)
    2 Acrobatics (Balance, Flexibility)
    2 Language (FoxKin, Low Galactic Common)
    1 Intimidation (Street)
    2 Navigation (Wilderness, Urban)
    2 Area Knowledge (Traeo,Slave Market)

    Defects (-10 Total Points returned through Defects):
    Marked (large tribal markings on each cheek, unique to every Foxkin)-2
    Phobia (heights)-2
    Weak Point (Base of Tail) -4
    Recurring Nightmares -2

    I also Still Have leftover points(45)