Help me decipher my dream

  • There is this semi - attractive girl at work who seems unique to me.
    I feel like she is much more similar to me and is just making up a facade to seem cool and social.
    Anyways,we had a nice conversation that day.

    Afterwards I read a transformation manga -
    Later that day when I went to sleep I had a dream and looking back at what happened in the dream it was kinda similar to the manga I read.
    We were both for some reason at a house and there was a angry third person - female.

    At one point we were sitting on something and I hugged her sorta like trying to move her out of the way but also hug her as a sign of liking her I guess.

    All of this is sorta confusing me.
    I am not sure whenever I like the domination or submission and whenever I am a person that likes to dominate or be submissive.
    Based on the manga I read.
    Also would this imply I am bisexual but choose a female partner?

    The reason why I notice parallels between the manga and the dream is because usually whenever I dream I dream about something that happened that day.
    LIke if something interesting happens I will dream about it later.

    The forum currently looks kinda bland so I am not sure whenever I am in the right section,whenever people are even active here anymore.
    Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Well it is possible that the manga struck a chord with you and because there is some sort of attraction to this girl your mine tried itโ€™s best to fill in the blanks with the dream

  • Well when I try to interpret dreams I will go to dream interpreter and or google the most simple part section by section and piece them together, soo
    Grave robbing dream: google
    Meaning: answer
    Google: details (optional)

    Google meaning: answer.
    Google: details.