Sub looking for a Dom ^^

  • Hello to anyone interested in general because of the subject above xD

    I am honestly interested in all different kinds of rps, as long as it doesnt involve any weird shit like scat, vore, gore, or watersports

    Ummm i am very literate. I also can not be literate at all, dependig on the person im rping with. I usually write the same amount as the other. Or atleast an a amount that we both can agree on.

    In terms of my kinks, i like doggystyle, rough and passionate sex, dirty talk, missionary, grinding, breeding, rimming, long kisses, neck kisses, aggressive or passionate top is okay with me, spanking. I love these, but is also interested in any other kinks you have to offer ^^

    Rp Intrests:
    Incest (Brothers, father x son, cousins, etc. whatever you can think of in terms of incest is fine lol)
    Bestfriends (with benefits of course)
    Jock x Twink
    Freshman x senior
    Dating websites (if you are confused by this, i basically mean hooking up after meeting online for awhile or something like that.)
    Co Workers
    Mafia rp (Basically like a gang related rp. Like boss x worker type thing)

    I also like TV show related rps and video game related rps such as: DBZ, Sonic, Naruto and more!

    If your interested, which i hope you are:
    Kik: drakeking12
    Skype: king_mills1
    Discord: Cheers!#4362

    See you soon! Hopefully xp