What are your favorite and least favorite Pokemon?

  • We all know about Pokemon, some of us grown up with the franchise while others saw it come into popularity after growing older. However, nobody can deny after looking at a National Pokedex that there are bound to be some favorites and not so favorites among the batches…that is what this post shall serve, a composition.

    As for myself, I am a fan of Gardevoir as many people know, but I will not be cliche in this post as Gardevoir is a brilliant Pokemon that is versatile in battle with both some powerful attacks and some defensive capabilities, although the attacks are more useful, I prefer the mega shiny. HOWEVER, for the sake of this post; my second favorite is actually in the dark-type and poison-type variety, as is my specialty as some would know; Stunky -> Skuntank, as I love them both equally. You may ask, “Why would you love a Pokemon that is based off of a skunk?”, and my response to that is, “Shut up, it is cute!!!”, and I am sure in the Pokemon world they can remove the gassing function like they do with pet skunks in our world.

    Now, my least favorite Pokemon…some people would kill me for this as I will not pick something cliche like Raticate that is almost useless competitively…but rather Slurpuff, I ABSOLUTELY HATE THE THING. Why? It looks like a ball of cotton candy and allow me to state something from a Pokedex entry, “It can distinguish the faintest of scents. It puts its sensitive sense of smell to use by helping pastry chefs in their work.”

    So, with that Pokedex entry in mind…this little Pokemon everytime you need to let loose will be smelling you up, disgusting…and that is why when a friend of mine would use it against me…I PURPOSELY FIRE BLASTED IT IN THE FACE. Nasty.

    What is your favorite and least favorite? I know Stunky and Skuntank seem contradictory compared to Slurpuff, but at least it is cute.

  • I have favorites for each Typing, but If I had to go with my number one of the collective? I’d have to go with Silvally, I know its still a relatively new Pokemon, but the Chimera needs love and attention damn it! lol

    Least Favorite? Oh boy, I’d have to agree with the reasoning with Slurpuff. KILL IT WITH FIRE. But for myself personally, Stunfisk…everything about it really, and thanks to the anime, it’s god damn laugh.

  • I’m more of a fan of the original 151. Pikachu and Geodude get my vote. The weird ones like vanillux, actual garbage, and the chandelier are my least favorites for sure.

  • My fav is Jolteon
    Least fav… um… i cant think of any since all of them a unique in their own way

  • My favorite it’s Absol

  • My favorite Pokémon is Rotom, and my least favorite has to be… probably Weedle. Hate those little buggers.

  • @viktor If I could upvote you twice for such a beautiful dark-type Pokemon choice, I would.

  • my fave is probably either Ralts or Eevee, my least fave… Rattata.

  • @meowstic Thanks , I’m happy you also like him 😉😘

  • @lnarra214 Ralts is such a wonderful Pokemon that evolves into my absolute favorite, Gardevoir (I was trying not to be clichè). blushes Psychic attack in the anime is so deadly.

  • The dark/physic type malmar… favorite

    Magicarp and feebas: least favorite

  • My favourite is Haunter, Houndoom/Houndir and Arcanine in a shared first place. Haunter is a rather dark kind of Pokemon but I’ve always loved it and I’ve no clear reason as to why. Houndoom/Houndor and Acaninw are probably because they are canine Pokemon, I love dogs more than anything, Arcanine is also loyal and friendly and brave.

    Least favourite would probably be Psyduck (however I like Golduck) I know it can be dangerous but I find it annoying. I’ve also a low rate for Sigilyph probably because of my personal encounter in games.

  • Most fave was gyradose the most metal pokemon of gen 1

  • @meowstic I like pikachu

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  • @esca-vulpe my favorite still be absol

  • My favorite is a tie between Muk and Garbordor, and my least favorite has to be Samurott or how ever you spell that blue monstrosity’s name

  • On the real though, mine is probably ditto. Something just turns me on about the ability to breed with anything despite race and gender.