Skype or Discord literate power bottom RP buddies wanted

  • I’m a seme who’s not the most assertive out there, but if you’re the type to be more dominant as an uke, and if you’re looking for someone who can roleplay on occasion and want to try being fandom characters that you like, I might just be your guy.

    I’m really big into Sonic and Pokemon and a few other fandoms like it, furry characters included, so if I know about we might be able to try it. If there is a canon character that you really want to pair with your character, let me know so I can set up separate scenes with your OC and then my OC with a character I’d like. Who knows, if we hit it off well enough we can be real good friends in general.

    My skype is the same as my username, and my discord is magicaltabris #8571. Hope to hear from you!

  • Sounds perfect! Sent you a request on discord

  • Sent one as well!