Rp on discord

  • Hey i am looking for an active individual to do a shotaXshota rp with. Here are a few scenarios
    The story of the rp would be non-consensual sex between your character and mine. I would be portraying the character getting forced into the act.
    Mpreg:our two characters would have a game of truth or dare and eventually be losing their virginity to each other. Next thing your character finds out they are pregnant!!
    Diaper play: our two characters have a sleep over and have been finding ways to pleasure each other and are looking for other ways to give each other pleasure and then they find the use of diapers from one of their younger brothers(either yours or mine) (this would include using said diapers(only wetting them))
    If interested simply Add me on discord my name is blackwing13#9793

  • Still looking!!!