My sweet boi

  • My world collapsed when I lost my dear wife … we were close since we were young. And we were meant to spend our lives together. I still remember how I saw her the first time, a tomboyish girl … but such a lovely smile. I fell in love with her at that moment and all through the younger years I was more and more in love. She remained much like that … sweet youngish … not much in breasts, B cup … but with nice bubble ass and soft thighs. (this has implications later on! there is a reason for this!).

    But then I lost her to an accident and I was devastated. I just managed to hold myself a bit only cause of our son. I had to keep my head just above the level of despair cause of him, he was all I had of her. And it was really difficult for me cause he was splitting image of her … same sweet cute smile, same body language and looks. (that is the reason! ) I looked at him and remembered her - and felt her loss and grief of losing her all the more! When he hugged me, I remembered her hugs, how she was when we were young. I sometimes find it difficult to think straight … is it him or her, specially in nights when he cuddles with me in sleep!

    Well this is my fantasy about a dad who is comforted by his young effeminate sweet boy … a boy who was close to mom and she knew of his liking for her underwear … her silky lacy clothes and even allowed him to wear them. I love how he would wear them from time to time cause he loved it, it remineds him of their time and … he remembers her so much! Maybe I see him … or one day he forgets to take off the nighte she wore and came to bed with me. I love how is starts sweet, slow, intimate … unplanned. I love him in her clothes and seeing I don’t mind, he wears it more often … and slowly we fall in love. We get intimate and slowly get sexual … and he loves it … he finds his true calling to be a girl … a woman … a bride and wife for his dad. I love how he and I both love his femininization and cross dressing.