Pie555's Pairings and Idea's

  • About Me: Not much to tell. I am a literate seme in search of literate partners, hopefully that doesn’t sound pretentious but I cant think of another word. I can seke and now and again but seme is my passion.
    Forgive me if I ever come across as cold, weird or creepy. I suck at social stuff


    Please use spell check. I am by no means a grammar Nazi but I like to be able to read replies. Your style doesn’t matter too much. I find mixing styles adds to the fun.
    No one liners, I post 2 up to 12+ paragraphs depending on muse and mood. Whilst I don’t expect you to match I would like you to give me enough to inspire.
    I don’t like instant smut. I prefer slow burn stories that craft a tale of adventure and eventual romance.
    My limits are toilet play, vomit, animals. Please don’t even ask to play those with me!
    I am Active for the most part
    I will use plots up to about three times, so please don’t be upset because I am doing the same with another person! All will get my attention!
    Images: I prefer anime.

    My Characters: My seme’s vary but they won’t do rape. Dubious consent, yes but actual rape I find incredibly hard to write, I can hint at it like I have in my work and books but not in explicit terms.

    I Like: Ukes with backbone. I don’t like the stereotypical uke who can’t do anything for himself. I like a lot of uke types but not that one.

    Tragedy, love it!
    Plotting. I rarely give a fully fleshed plot, RP to me is creating together.
    I Dislike:
    *Trans characters

    Wimpy ukes.
    If I haven’t put you off or bored you to death please continue to plots and pairings! If any catch your eye then do PM me!
    Fandom Pairings: Nauto-
    *Naruto/Sasuke Sasuke/Naruto
    *Naruto/Kiba Kiba/Naruto
    *Obito/Kakashi Kakashi/Obito
    *Boruto/Mitsuki Mituski/Boruto
    *Boruto/ Shikidai

    *OC/Kid Vegeta
    *Raditz/Kid Vegeta
    *OC/Kid Goku
    *Bardock/Kid Goku
    *Raditz/Kid Goku

    *College Senior/College Freshman
    *High school Senior/High school Freshman
    *Angel/Demon Demon/Angel
    *Angel/Abuse Victim
    *Demon/Abuse Victin
    *Military Officer/Military Private
    *Friend/Drug Addict
    *Bully/Self Harming Victim

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