• I wanted to make a blog to share any new fantasies that I’ve been having, also I wanted to hear some of your guy’s fantasies too!

    Some info about me:
    I just turned 18
    I’m 5’ 8"
    Senior, about to finish high school
    I’m a sub for lifeeeee.
    Turn ons are: collars/chokers, aggressive but not violent, kissing

    Recently I’ve been having this fantasy where I’m in a bathtub filled with cum and I’m getting barebacked by a guy who is in his late 20s, early 30s and he keeps pounding me and won’t stop.

  • Wanna know the weirdest kinky?

    I’m a straight guy the only likes/wants to fuck girls, however when comes to masturbation yaoi hentai with an ugly bastard with a big cock fucking a femboy is the best and the weirdest part is i don’t put myself in any position, i just like to see it, it’s sexy as fuck, i don’t wanna fuck a guy and i don’t wanna be fucked…


  • Mine’s fantasy is with gay kids. I’m 25 and I’m really into boys age 10-12 yrs old. I like to see their face cover of my cum while begging for more, it really turns me on 🙂