OC Saiyan x Kid Vegeta Open RP (DM me to continue in private)

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    Rote | Full Saiyan | Black Hair and Brown Tail​

    The giant room was mostly dark, the only lights coming from the few overhead and the tanks that held the future of the Saiyan Race. Each clear pod was lit with a different color to show the parentage of the Saiyan in question. Green meant the baby was born from lower class Saiyan’s, Blue for middle class, and Red for Elite. Each color variant was on a different level platform. Most of the room was filled by Green, with a few dozen blues above it, and then an very few reds above it. Funny enough there was a green pod on that platform as well. Which was odd. But at the very top was a deep red colored pod. Floating inside was Prince Vegeta. The first born of King Vegeta.

    Rote looked at the higher up pod before glancing back down to the blue pod he was standing in front of. Inside was a little girl, his first born child. The tall and muscular Saiyan frowned as he looked at the child. He had hoped for a Son, a strong one as well. Not a daughter with an average power level. Still, it was his own flesh and blood. He placed a hand on the glass. ‘‘I love you, my daughter. I know you will make for a good Saiyan. Power level be damned.’’ Rote whispered. He smiled softly before shaking his head and turning and leaving. As he did so a determined look settled over the Saiyan’s face. ‘‘I will be strong, for your sake.’’ He whispered seriously.

    -Seven Years Later-

    His chest burned, his limbs felt like jello. There was fire and smoke filling the air as sounds of battle could be heard over head. Rote coughed as he rolled over onto his stomach while pushing himself up. The once mid level Saiyan had grown leap and bounds over the course of a near decade. His avaerage power level growing higher than ever seen before. It must have scared Freiza, his growing strength along with the rest of the Saiyan’s like Bardock and the children. Like his daughter.

    The thought of his daughter filled him with anger. She had been killed in the first attack on the Planet by Freiza and his men. Rote let that anger push him back up to his feet despite the blood lust. The fake full moon once in the sky had burned out after many hours of fighting. The Saiyan’s still alive reverting back to normal. Yet still the enemy came. ''FRIEZA! YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!" Rote screamed to the sky. With a burst of power he shot off to the middle of the fighting wear Bardock and King Vegeta were fighting violently against an unending amount of enemies. Behind them was the destroyed palace. Dead Elites resting in piles of blood and gore. And out of the corner of his eye he could see a young child that was without a doubt the Princ, injured but alive in the pile.

    “HEY FUCKERS! LOOK AT THIS! REVENGE SHOT!” With a loud shout, his power exploded around him, his black locks swinging wildly before he shot a blue beam of pure energy into a large group. The resulting explosion throwing destroyed and killed enemies to the side while others were incinerated. With a loud yell he rushed into battle along with the other three.

    He didn’t know if they could win. But they would atleast fight.

    The hours dragged by and the enemy was reduced. All three were dead on their feet but they had fought back the horde of enemys. Rote chuckles and wiped the blood off his face. ‘‘How you two old timers doing? Can you still keep up?’’ Rote said with a snicker as he let down his guard. The two other Saiyan’s chuckled and Bardock flipped him off.

    ''I guess thats a yes- WATCH OUT!" Rote screamed but it was to late. King Vegeta’s upper body was destoryed in a blast, only his legs left. Bardock turned and was hit through the chest with an energy beam. He was instantly killed. Rote tried to move but a thinner beam tore through the center of his chest. He fell to the ground coughing up blood. With a growl he turned to face Frieza along with the laughing Ginyu Force Whatever they were Saiyan was lost to him, he couldn’t hear them.

    Here he was dying in a puddle of blood, and despite his best efforts he had been unable to save his friends, his wife, his daughter. He couldn’t save anyone. ''G-God Dammit!" Rote weakly punched the ground. He could feel his power dropping. He fell into darkness.

    ‘Get up you fool. Your not dead yet. NOW GET UP!’

    Everything suddenly flashed through his eyes as Rote woke back up. His life flashed before his eyes. Then…he snapped. The following roar shook the Planet as his eyes vanished and his hair stood up, its color pure golden yellow.

    The only thing he felt was hatred and the desire to kill.

    The true massacre began.

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