Fur Fighters Colosseum

  • Welcome furries from around the world to the most competitive place you will ever find. The Fur Fighters Colosseum. Come watch elite fighters battle for bragging rights and the right to be number 1. There are some rules to follow.

    1. Both fighters must agree to battle. You may battle anyone at anytime
    2. When battling, each fighter has 20 minutes after the last post to reply. After 20 minutes the last fighter who posted can either declare victory, or wait
      a. Exceptions to this rule is bedtime or irl business
    3. The battle is over when a fighter concedes defeat…or dies. Don’t worry though, the arenas have a “reset” magic, so should any of those conditions happen the arena will automatically reset the fighters and you will all be good as new again.
    4. NO GODMODDING/AUTO HITS. I can’t stress that enough. Give the fighters a chance to react
    5. No outside help When the fighters enter the arenas they are then encased in an invisible barrier that stops anything from entering
    6. There are two titles up for grabs here: The title of Colosseum Champion and the Colosseum Tag Team Champions
      a. On the first time title match(s) The top two fighters/teams will compete for those titles
      b. After that, to qualify for a title match a fighter/team must have 10 wins
      c. The Champion(s) can decided to put their titles on the line at any time
      d. There may also be a random number one contender(s) match for a chance at the title. Also two figher(s)/team can agree on a contenders match but must consult with the Colosseum Admin(s). They will have the final say in this
    7. For fighters you will be tested on your fighting rp skills. I’m not asking for a long drawn out post, a minimum of 4 sentences should suffice and make it look realistic.
    8. No sex in the arenas or in the audience. You want that, there are places for it
    9. I always say this but respect everyone
    10. Enjoy yourselves

    Now go! Make a name for yourself and climb to the top!

    For discord invites. Pm me

  • Sent a PM!