honey’s blog 🍯

  • does anyone cum to my posts
    msorry if u do n i cant be there to help u out in person

  • @honeypot
    hey what two guys
    what are the guys like huh

  • @yaoiman124t
    theyre both like double my age haha
    one of em is on the leaner side, rlly tall dude n u can tell he works out but he doesnt go for the muscle guy look
    a little bit of shadow and a rlllly nice jaw
    hes soo cute and doesnt understand a lot of internet slang lol
    other guy is a lil older
    definitely not as conventionally attractive but i think hes handsome personally
    his beard is fuller
    hes tall and all soft and on the chubbier side
    and hes like super sweet and more of a wild goofball
    anyways theyre both hot and i would like their hands around my neck

  • i get embarrassed reading my own posts

  • embarrassed is one of many good reactions from you.

  • no one say anything nice to me ill combust or something i didnt realize how much i fucking liked praise this is the worst

  • @nagisen shut up

  • @honeypot What you need is a sizeable army of service tops to fuck you at your command. Lol

  • I would love to fuck you Honey

  • @jiru the dream 😌

  • @ragingeskimo what are u waiting for

  • currently taking admissions for my service top army
    though while i rlly rlly do like the idea of being used by a big group of cocks over and over again like fuck! i rlly do
    i wouldnt mind being someones personal fucktoy for a set amount of time if i rlly liked them
    bc theres times when i wanna sit on one cock slowly fucking and being inside me all day and using me as a warm cocksleeve while they do other stuff and thats not rlly possible when im being lifted onto a different cock every time someone cums in me (still hot tho)
    haha honeys rental service

  • hey if ure a lurker who reads my stuff u should make an account and post here
    ill give u a kiss

  • i like kisses
    best spots to smooch/lick/suck in no particular order:

    • neck
    • fingertips
    • tummy
    • ears
    • jaw
    • lips
    • inner thigh
    • tip of a cock ♡

    can u guess my favorite haha

  • if u walk in on me and im laying on my stomach in bed in just my undies, completely unaware youre there, u should know u have 100% full permission to walk over, mount, fuck, and use me as if youve just came across a convenient little cumsleeve to breed

  • when is someone going to leash me to their bed frame and use me solely as a human cock warmer
    i want to watch the sun go down and the sky go dark and go warm all over. i know he’s coming to bed soon. when i hear the door click open my heart races but i keep still for him. im his fucktoy and nothing more. his cute little cumsleeve made for his pleasure. he climbs into bed and settles behind me, just like everyday. i wait and i wait and i wait and finally the hot tip of his cock is pushing into me, im already prepared to take it. im still wet and messy from the nights before, my holes have long learned the shape of his cock. he fucks me, a gasp escapes and he only pounds harder in response as i squirm in my cuffs. ive already cum twice by now but he keeps fucking me through each one without stopping. hes chasing his own pleasure, using me as i shake in his hands, im so fucking sensitive now. finally finally finally he pushes in as deep as he can and fills me and fills me and fills me and i can feel every hot throb of his cock as he never stops fucking me through his orgasm. im cumming again at the feeling, screaming and moaning and squeezing around him and milking out every drop. im greedy for it. he never pulls out as he falls asleep, leaves him and his mess in me because ive always been his cocksleeve.

  • being a cocksleeve isnt just abt the fucking
    its abt giving him comfort and stress relief in the most intimate way possible
    get that cock in me baby and dont worry ill stay right here as long as u want
    use me to cum if u want but if not thats ok too, im just here to make sure even ur precious cock is relaxed
    find ur relief in me

  • why does my penis grow when I put a finger in my butt

  • hey your cute

  • @grande-pene THIS MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD ur username is so fucking funny