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  • @honeypot you’re a really cock slut ! Hahhahaha me too 😋! I get turned reading these things. I’m inconstant and I change my minde often , but when I’m in the right mood , I would love to be treated like a slutty pet , allways on my keens , with a collar and an humbly name , serving my owner as a slave pet , eating from a cup or they hands , getting petted when I’m a good slutty or punished if I made my owner angry , and if they are , they’ll start to play more roghly , spanking me hard as long my but it’s red as fire , and humiliating me more then normal. They’ll teach me command , like tamed dogs 🐶😘

  • My god you two are both cock sluts and I’d love to have you both live with me have to two fight for Master’s “love” winner gets to sleep with me with my cock in there ass the loser well gets tied and gagged with a vibrator in there ass all night as well as a show of me fucking the winner in the morning in front of them

  • @viktor
    ure cute
    if i was in more of a dominant mood id take u as my pet
    i like needy subs who obey my every word, would u do that for me angel?

  • @ragingeskimo i never lose 👼

  • @honeypot @RagingEskimo I love to serve as a pet my owners , if I’m in the right mood I can be a really slutty pet , needing for master cock and ready to serve him humbly in everything for make him happy

  • Oh this would be heaven to me you needy sluts heehee

  • @ragingeskimo I love competition beatween bottom ! It would be really hot to be in a group of slave in an house , where the master/masters will make us fight in competition every day , I have immagine many kind of cometition , like : how deep you can take a more normal big dildo , how many glof ball can be put in your butt , or with eyes blinded , understand what object is in your butt or whose cock are you sucking…
    I have immagined also other competition , not only in sex , treason hunt , normal sport competition , but modificated , like running , but wirh hands tied on the back and stayimg in keens , I can’t stop immaging me , fallen from that position , nude , trying to come back on my keens , wirh erect cock at air , while my owners are looking at me and make me fall when I’m going to get up

  • Why not take a double sided dildo and go ass to ass?~ =3

  • ive been rlly happy lately, i mean im usually a positive person but recently ive been feeling even better haha 😄
    theres just a lot of good people in my life who care about me and i feel very thankful!! also u guys give me attention and im alwayssss a slut for attention so thank u hehe

  • how often do u guys masturbate??
    i do at least daily usually, a lot of times twice
    i can get pretty busy so ive had times where im just so tired and i end up not doing anything for weeks
    days where i wont be interrupted though… i spend hours and hours and hours doing it haha
    i kinda work myself into a wreck and i just want to be fucked all day

  • @honeypot well , I masturbe really often 😅!

  • I maturbe really lots , and with lost I say that ome times I van’t stay without jerk me! The nights I go to sleep without had cum are allmost zero , maybe 1 or 2 times every mont. I usually use masturbation like a study break , becouse I use to get horney while I’m boring , so I jerk my self or chat on blog like this (if there’s someone at home ) , but best is at night , because I’m in pajama , so instead of jerk , I rub my cock on the bed , it’s hotter because I’m laid on my tummy , then I sleep with cum in my untherwear 😋

  • Lets see I jerk off maybe seven to ten times a day depending on how I feel lol

  • @ragingeskimo omg u madman
    ik some place warm that could help u out 😇

  • @honeypot oh you know I would love to have a cock warmer that follows me around ;3

  • @ragingeskimo new sexy underwear to make ! A pair of brife with " Daddy’s cock warmer " and a good hole for make it easyer , just put it in when need warm 😋

  • @honeypot what motto would you write on your butt ?

  • That thing had make me think some :
    "Keep calm and fuck my pussy "
    "All you can (b)eat " wrote like the bliker of a restourant

  • @viktor i think id just do the word angel or slut
    cute n simple n does the job hehe

  • good morning!! just woke up a little ago n wish i had someones cock to suck in bed 😿 thinking about buying another dildo so i suck on one while i fuck myself with the other haha
    also i kinda just want something to suck on in the mornings when i dont feel like fucking but Neeeeeed a cock in my mouth
    its so funny i used to not like giving blowjobs like at allll but now i get all weak n horny just thinking about someone feeding me their cock