honey’s blog 🍯

  • i didnt know this category existed until now so im gonna use it to jus talk about whateverr
    dont be afraid to have a chat here with me! im open to p much any kinda conversation haha

    if ure reading this… hi! im honeypot 🙂
    heres a little abt me ♡

    im a college student atm!
    5’4” and havent grown more than that since forever so im afraid thats my peak height haha
    im a switch but i usually prefer bottoming
    i like rope & restraints & lots of pet names be it degrading or praisee
    not rlly interested in rp or shota or furry stuff sorry!
    i accidentally locked myself in handcuffs one time and took like an hour to escape it sucked lol

    oh n if u wanna have a 1on1 convo, pm me for my discord or somethinnn