honey’s blog 🍯

  • i didnt know this category existed until now so im gonna use it to jus talk about whateverr
    dont be afraid to have a chat here with me! im open to p much any kinda conversation haha

    if ure reading this… hi! im honeypot 🙂
    heres a little abt me ♡

    im a college student atm!
    5’4” and havent grown more than that since forever so im afraid thats my peak height haha
    im a switch but i usually prefer bottoming
    i like rope & restraints & lots of pet names be it degrading or praisee
    not rlly interested in rp or shota or furry stuff sorry!
    i accidentally locked myself in handcuffs one time and took like an hour to escape it sucked lol

    oh n if u wanna have a 1on1 convo, pm me for my discord or somethinnn

  • hi long time no see!! oh boy its been awhile
    heres an update w my life!! iv gotten lots busier lately so i don’t have as much time to play :(( balancing school and work and social stuff can be rlly tough
    theres this one guy i met here actually !! and hes very good at satisfying me when i need it ♡
    im still always down to make new friends thoughhh if anyone wants to chat hehe

    recently have been really into somnophilia im real yucky urghrgghgh i read this one oneshot where the bottom gets used (twice!) while hes sleepin n hes just a messss n urghrgrhrgrhrhrgh i wish that was me so bad
    the only thing i can think of to make it better is being tied and fucked hard enough to wake me up just before a third load gets poured into me like oh geez ♡ ♡ ♡

  • awhile ago i was reading a dom blog where he talked about his dream bdsm room. my favorite part was when he described a dildo mounted to the wall that was installed so that you’d have to suck it to get water. i thought it was sooo hot bc it was basically training the sub to drink cum to survive like he’d need water. i dont need the extra reinforcement to know i need cum to live hehehe but just thinkin abt having to do that makes my knees weak haha

  • i didnt think i was an exhibitionist but now i think i am a little
    i wanna be fucked and used while another man watches me and wishes he could touch me but he cant
    id help him later ofc but i maybe just want him to suffer a little while im fucking wrecked
    maybe this blog is proof im kinda an exhibitionist 🙊 haha oopsie

  • hellooooo
    ive recently made some new friends and ive been really happy lately! n bein happy makes me more affectionate haha
    i wanted to talk abt this earlier but i forgot
    is there another term for cock warming?? cus i like it but its so hard to find stuff that include it… i guess its just not a well known term 😢
    i loveeee it, makes me feel all weak n submissive thinking about it
    like holding someones cock in my mouth while they dont pay attention to me and work at their desk or play games im 😩 💦
    or watching a movie and im sitting in their lap with their cock slipped inside me, he doesnt move or anything im just keeping him warm but id probably be in SPACE cus i loveee feeling all full
    or idk we fall asleep spooning with him inside me (maybe after fucking all night hehe) and in the morning he wakes up hard and im already soft and sleepy and willing sooo he just goes for it

  • do u guys have fantasies that you know will never realistically happen but thinking abt it makes u 🤤
    i really like monsters like werewolves and vampires and anything with sharp teeth pretty much
    being knotted by a big bad wolf man or fucked and bitten by a vampire??? ghghgh yes sir please sir

  • good morning! the birds outside are rlly chirping away today
    quiet mornings like this make me want to be treated all sweetly and kissed and maybe just maybe given a hard cock to kiss and suck on until i get my mornings breakfast

  • tbh it makes me rlly excited knowing ppl read this. i wasnt expecting anyone to read them at alllll
    hello to all of u who have messaged me! i wonder if theres any lurkersss out there 😳 itd make me happy if u liked my posts here so i know you like it but if u wanna stay anon thats ok!!!

    recently iv been daydreaming abt bein gangbanged
    i know thats like everyyy subs dream but theres a reason!!! its so hot 🤤 pushed and pulled around from one cock to the next like a toy like fuckk i want to be bred again n again n again
    tbh tho even if it was just one guy… if refractory periods didnt exist and he could just use my body like a cock sleeve, pouring load after load into me, until i faint and then fucking me awake to do it all again mmnmgnhmmgmm

  • i wanna be someone’s personal fuck toy so bad 😿 waiting around for my master to come home so as soon as he steps through the door ill be on my knees waiting for his cock
    a quick load down my throat to relax him after a long dayyy
    wearing little to nothing around the house so he can just pull me over and have me whenever we wants, then leave me covered in his cum to go back to what he was doing

    i rlly rlly rlly like the idea of just relaxing at home, maybe im showering or im on my tummy playing video games and then suddenly hes snuck behind me and shoved his entire cock into me and i completely forget what ive been doing bc now all i can focus on is being pounded into oblivion

  • good morning!!
    im always so affectionate and horny in the morning 😵 i literally woke up minutes ago and all i can think about is being bred over and over and over again and called a little cumdump
    bc im short and slim this guy i was talking to was saying how i was basically born to take mens cocks and it turned me on so much haha

  • i looove being called degrading names
    but when im called bad names all the time by someone n then the person turns around and calls me baby boy or angel or anything sweet during a softer moment… turns me on soo much i instantly want his cock inside me

  • i think if i was an anime character id always have those little hearts in my eyes

  • haha i originally said i was gonna use this place to talk about whatever
    and all i talk abt is wanting to be fucked in a buncha different ways oopsie!! being a cock slut is just always on my mind 😿
    i want a cute collar and a leash so bad, maybe a little name tag hanging from it that says slut or cumdump or my master’s name or something
    i think id look so pretty if i wore it with my thigh highs n undies

  • hi good news!! a friend of mine i met here is getting me a pretty collar bc my birthday is very soon and im very excited 😊
    also found out the idea of wearing something someone got for me turns me on like a lot haha
    its the combo of them liking it on me and also the feeling of being marked by them and i rlly like the possessiveness of it
    makes me wanna instantly jump them and thank them by letting them fuck me while i wear it

  • im gonna save up a little bit to buy myself a leash. i want a rlly pretty chain one with a black leather handle thingy
    ngnghnng i rlly want cuffs and a spreader bar too but spreader bars are soo expensive and i dont even have anyone to help lock me to one of those so ill settle on the cuffs for now
    im have a cute set eventually 😈

  • @honeypot you’re a really cock slut ! Hahhahaha me too 😋! I get turned reading these things. I’m inconstant and I change my minde often , but when I’m in the right mood , I would love to be treated like a slutty pet , allways on my keens , with a collar and an humbly name , serving my owner as a slave pet , eating from a cup or they hands , getting petted when I’m a good slutty or punished if I made my owner angry , and if they are , they’ll start to play more roghly , spanking me hard as long my but it’s red as fire , and humiliating me more then normal. They’ll teach me command , like tamed dogs 🐶😘

  • My god you two are both cock sluts and I’d love to have you both live with me have to two fight for Master’s “love” winner gets to sleep with me with my cock in there ass the loser well gets tied and gagged with a vibrator in there ass all night as well as a show of me fucking the winner in the morning in front of them

  • @viktor
    ure cute
    if i was in more of a dominant mood id take u as my pet
    i like needy subs who obey my every word, would u do that for me angel?

  • @ragingeskimo i never lose 👼

  • @honeypot @RagingEskimo I love to serve as a pet my owners , if I’m in the right mood I can be a really slutty pet , needing for master cock and ready to serve him humbly in everything for make him happy