Looking for RP younger character for long-term RP

  • I’m looking for someone who would be interested in a long-term RP, someone who can play multiple characters. Either just boys or can play a mixture of boys and girls. I have a few ideas in mind, but I’m what really looking for at least a young boy or young girl character. Ideas can be discussed and modified.

  • I’m interested in this. I’ll PM you.

  • Just to update this form a little bit I am looking for someone who can either be a switch or is at least a dominant. I have at least three micro ideas one set in what I call modern future [it’s not exactly sci-fi but further in our future than a modern day]

    And I’ve got to medieval ideas.

    I want someone who can play multiple characters and who is committed to a longer-term role-play.

    I am not looking to dominate exclusively. I probably will play dominate characters and other people like you had but right now I’m someone who can play a dominant male or female. At least for one of their characters. Also looking for someone who doesn’t mind a good split between story and sex.

  • @kamenriderfire that’s me