Avatar Characters, Lore and More!

  • Hello, hello! Basically this is the thread to put down your characters, backstories, pictures, concepts, and pretty much anything similar! This is mainly a reference thread, while most of the OOC chatter can go on in the first one. So, that said put those lovely characters here and show off that hard work!

  • Name: Sarron
    Age: 17
    Occupation: Pro-Bender / Defense Force Operative
    Image: https://i.imgur.com/vcdinQJ.jpg

    Bio: ‘Sun Warrior Sarron’ is known Pro Bending competitor with a unique and ornate style, most people generally get the gist of who Sarron is. So when the Defense Force had started to solidify, some were surprised to see a former competitor was getting serious and already adept enough to be an asset. In Pro-Bending interviews, he established that he was born on a rural area off the outskirts of Republic City and was later sold to a traveling circus by his parents. Upon becoming of age, he came to Republic City proper and found his fortune pro-bending.

    Fact is, that story is a carefully and well constructed lie, despite the skills behind him. Sarron is actually a Sun Warrior in reality, and one that has been tasked to infiltrate and report on the happenings within Republic City. The Sun Warriors are a civilization cradled in the jungles of the fire nation, sworn to protect Ran and Shaw, the last remaining dragons from an Era long past. Only a handful of people know of their existence, and the most powerful benders know their technique. Sarron is sworn to secrecy, as all Sun Warriors are, to make sure their knowledge remains hidden from the world at large.

    Upon the advancing of spirits, Sarron has changed his priorites from his espionage to making sure his skills are put to work to defending humanity. Despite his good intentions, he’s sure to keep writing his letters home, and is willing to defend his secret with life.

    Total CP: 300
    Stats: 130
    Body - 5
    Mind - 4
    Soul - 4

    Attributes: 110
    2 Attack Combat Mastery (20)
    2 Combat Technique [Lightning Reflexes 1{+3 initiative}, Hardboiled 1 {+10 SV}] (6)
    2 Defense Combat Mastery (20)
    1 Extra Action [+1 Action per round] (15)
    2 Heightened Awareness [+2 to rolls involving detection] (4)
    2 Mind Shield [+2 to Mind resist rolls] (4)
    2 Organizational Ties [Sun Warriors] (4)
    5 Power Flux - Minor (20 Flux Points) (25) "Firebending"
    Flux - 4 Telekinesis: Fire
    Flux - 4 Weapon, Blight 1, Concentration -4 [Lightning Strike] (5)
    Flux - 2 Weapon, Range 2, Continuing 1 (7) [Fire Streams]
    Flux - 1 Weapon, Autofire (5) [Fire Jabs]
    Resistance 2 [+2 to Body/Soul Stat resist checks] (4)
    Special Movement 2 [Cat-Like, Wall Bouncing] (4)
    2 Tough [+10 HP] (4)

    Skills - 65
    3 Acrobatics (9)
    2 Artisan (2)
    3 Burglary (6)
    3 Climbing (6)
    3 Controlled Breathing (3)
    2 Disguise (4)
    2 Foreign Culture (2)
    1 Forgery (1)
    2 Languages (2)
    2 Navigation (4)
    2 Riding (2)
    3 Stealth (9)
    2 Street Sense (4)
    1 Swimming (1)
    3 Wilderness Survival (3)
    3 Wilderness Tracking (3)
    2 Performing Arts (2)
    2 Visual Arts (2)

    Defects -5
    Skeleton in the Closet -2 [Sun Warrior Spy]
    Vulnerability -3 [Extreme Cold]

  • Name: Aiden
    Age: 26
    Occupation: None, does odd jobs here and there
    Derived Values
    Attack: 6
    Defense: 6
    Damage: 6
    HP: 65
    Energy: 45
    Shock: 23

    Stats (160)
    Body: 7
    Mind: 4
    Soul: 5

    Attributes (125)
    1 Attack Combat Mastery [+1 ACV] (10)
    5 Combat Technique - Blind Fighting [Seismic sense], Brutal, Hardboiled [+10 Shock Value], Judge Opponent, Lethal Blow (10)
    1 Defense Combat Mastery [+1 DCV] (10)
    2 Divine Relationship (4)
    1 Extra Actions (15)
    1 Extra Defenses (5)
    8 Features [Animal Empathy, Appearance 2, Direction Sense, Light Sleeper, Low Light vision, Time Sense, Weather Sense] (8)
    2 Heightened Awareness (4)
    1 Massive Damage [Unlimited] (10)
    2 Mind Shield (4)
    5 Power Flux - Minor (20 Flux Points) (25) "Earthbending"
    Flux - 4 Telekinesis: Earth (16) [1k kg of Rock]
    Flux - 1 Special Movement - Swinging/Brachiating [-1 Equipment, -2 Environment: City] (1)
    Flux - 2 Jumping (2) [Earth Launch]
    Flux - 0 Weapon, Stun, Incapacitate, Area (3) [Earth shaking]
    Flux - 3 Armour [Rock Speedo] (0) +6 Armour rating [-6 Partial: Groin]
    2 Resistance (4)
    2 Sixth Sense (4)
    4 Special Defense [Freezing Cold 1, Freezing Water 1, Overheating 1, Poison 1] (8)
    1 Supersense [Seismic Sense] (2)
    1 Tough (2) [+5 HP]

    Skills (22)
    2 Acrobatics (6)
    2 Climbing (4)
    2 Controlled Breathing (2)
    3 Urban Tracking (3)
    4 Wilderness Survival (2)
    3 Wilderness Tracking (3)

    Defects (-5)
    Vestiphobia (-2)
    Marked [Tattoos] (-3)

    Bio: Aiden was born and raised in the wilds of the earth nation. He lived there for a while, till he ventured out on his own to explore the land. He was caught out in the wild by a band of hunters and taken to their village. At the village, they put clothes over Aiden’s naked form, and started to try and teach Aiden how to live in society. But Aiden felt restricted by the clothes, so he tore them off and ran away again, thought he didn’t get far as the current bender of the village recaptured him. Aiden did manage to escape once more, but as the bender went to capture Aiden again, Aiden somehow tapped into his latent earthbending powers and got away. After a harsh winter, he did return to the village to see if he could get trained by the other bender that was there. He did get trained in his bending art and learned how society works, but Aiden still refused to wear clothes. Aiden finally thought of a way to wear something around his privates, but it was made from rocks and stone. While at the same time as he was being trained he was also getting tattoos put on his body. After he was done with training and such he headed back out into the open world to explore and eventually made it to Republic City, where he stayed on the outskirts of the city and did odd jobs here and there for some of the people who lived in the city.