artist looking for work

  • hello, im always open to commissions and am willing to draw anything pretty much, im still learning on some things to please be patient with me and i always provide W.I.P. images tho those who buy from me. all i ask is to please regard my TOS when commissioning me for anything ^^

    i mainly draw furry art, but i do take on human arts as well ^^ i have no problem with it

    my prices are:
    sketches $3 USD

    colored sketches: $4 USD

    colored head shots : $5 USD

    Feral art: $10 USD

    colored half body:$15 USD

    fan art bust: $15 USD

    fan art full body: $20 USD

    desk top backgrounds: $30 USD

    colored full body: $20 USD

    NSFW: $25 USD

    Ref sheets: $20 USD

    +5 USD per fetish on any com type

    +5 USD for a background

    +5 USD for extra oc

    ref sheet:
    com type:
    any extras?: