Omegaverse Roleplay Partner Search! (Anime/Canon Character and OC Scenarios!)

  • Hello everyone, my name is Tovah, I’m a writer of eleven years, and I’m searching for dominant, forceful characters to write with!

    The original characters I’d love to write with would be: Vampires, werewolves, demons, humans (preferably hunters), ghosts, shapeshifters, angels, and any other creatures or hybrids you’d like to match with my own when messaging me!

    The main story idea I have is my character becoming soul-bound to whoever caught him during his heat. However, I have prompts for what we start with.

    The scenarios I have in mind are:
    -High School or College of the Supernatural with Library Rape or Dubcon and Blackmailing, Classroom Rape or Dubcon. (This can also just have a normal buildup to a slightly-forced scenario, to where it’s not actually rape.)



    -Stalker x Victim

    -Master x Forced Slave/Pet

    -Yandere x “Lover” (My character isn’t a yandere, I’m looking for yanderes, please and thanks!)


    -The Purge


    -Zombie Apocalypse


    -Sleepover, Sleep “Walking”/Somnophilia


    -Auction/Dark Net/Deep Web Market

    The scenarios can also be combined, so please let me know if you want a combination story! I also have other scenarios such as: Modern Thieves and Assassin’s Guild, Modern or Edo-Era Ninjas and Samurai, Zombie Apocalypse, Post-Demon Apocalypse, and SCP Containment Breach.

    Dealing with Anime and Video Games, the scenarios start here:

    -Final Fantasy XV [The Chocobros, Noctis and/or Arden]

    -Final Fantasy XIV [Zenos, Nero, Lord Hien, Leofard, Haurchefaunt, Sir Aymeric, Estinien, Estinien Possessed By Nidhogg, other members of the empire(?)]

    -Kingdom Hearts [Terra, Roxas, Riku, or Vanitas]

    -Uncharted [Drake or Adler]

    -Resident Evil [Leon Kennedy, Albert Wesker, or Chris Redfield (Non-Steroided Chris)]

    -Boku no Hero Academia [Adult Bakugou, Todoroki, or Izuku]

    -Tokyo Ghoul [Kaneki Ken]

    -Owari no Seraph [Mikaela or Yuu]

    -Blue Exorcist [Rin Okumura or Yukio Okumura]

    -DevilmanCRYbaby [Akira or Ryu, this would definitely go well due to my character being a demon hybrid, or Devilman in this case.]

    -Deadman Wonderland [Crow or any OCs would be great for this]

    -Diabolik Lovers [All of the brothers if possible].

    A special fandom/video game scenario I have is one for Persona 4 or 5, which involves different routes for my favorite characters of each:

    • Tohru Adachi: My character finds himself in Inaba after escaping a town a ways away (could be Tokyo or another rural town), and Tohru Adachi finds him. The Apprentice route will be mandatory for this storyline. How he reacts to finding out that my character isn’t human is up to you.

    • Yu Narukami/Souji Seta: When coming to Inaba, my character decides to find a home to “temporarily” stay in, and finds Yu/Souji’s home after being run out in a few. Yu finds him, and what follows can be discussed in PM or Kik.

    • Akira/Ren: Since I already have a background story for My Character’s P5 version, I believe he should be found in Mementos. Where he is found in Mementos and during what time in the P5 story depends on you.

    • Goro Akechi: This route could go the same way of Adachi, however, not much is known about his normal life aside from him getting ordered around by Shido. My Character could possibly find him in Mementos, or in one of the victims’ palaces.

    Please send me an email or message on kik to get the references and kinks of my character if you’re interested in writing with me. Do not message me for pictures or to know where I live. Don’t message me if you’re submissive or a switch either, please and thank. 😄 Dominants only! And… Please don’t leave or vanish without letting me know what’s going on or what’s wrong. This is a long-term partner search, meaning a story that will be more than a week long depending on the story and our schedule. If you want a quickie, please don’t message me!

    Kik: TovahWulf
    Email: [email protected]